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National Police Commissioner Visits  Singapore

National Police Commissioner Hok Lundy left Cambodia while fugitive former Police Commissioner Heng Pov filed a nine-page report in English implicating the government of serious crimes, say Ministry of Interior officials.

Mr. Heng Pov was also Prime Minister Hun Sen's adviser. He told his Australian lawyer in details about his charges against the government and top officials about score of killings.

In the report, Mr. Heng Pov reveals a plot by a government official involving in the killing of actress Pisith Pelika in July 1999 and former Ministry of Interior's general secretary, Ho Sok, from royalist FUNCINPEC party quota, in 1997, and seven tons of drugs being trafficked.

Government officials call the report a ploy to get political asylum. It was not known whether Mr. Hok Lundy's visit to Singapore is to arrest Mr. Heng Pov or to interpret the report.

Ministry of Interior spokesman, general Khieu Sopheak says he has been informed about Mr. Hok Lundy's visit to Singapore, but has no comment other than that he did not go there for a vacation.

Interpol deputy director for Phnom Penh, Keo Vanthan says that Mr. Hok Lundy went to Singapore for his family medical check up.

Mr. Heng Pov was wanted by the Cambodian police authorities on suspeted murder charges at the end of July for senior Phnom Penh Municipal Court judge Sok Sethamony in 2003. He is also wanted for scores of intended murders, such as military police commander Sau Sokha, and municipal prosecutor, Uk Savuth.

Mr. Heng Pov fled Cambodia on July 23 to Singapore, after Cambodian authorities searched his two homes and found weapons, counterfeited money and about $400,000 in cash. He denies the charges and pleads his innocence in his 9-page report. NGO officials still wonder whether Mr. Heng Pov is the real killer, or a man who just obey orders to commit those crimes.