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Asylum Seeker Exposed Serious Crimes Implicated To Prime Minister And Top Police Officials

Former Phnom Penh police commissioner, Heng Pov reveals top officials and a number of other officials' involvement with serious crimes in the past few years.

These crimes include: March 30, 1997 grenade attacks, the murder of a popular actress, Pisith Pelika, royalist FUNCINPEC party's top official, Ho Sok, and serious drug traffickings.

These allegations are mentioned in a nine-page report in English, confirmed to be Mr. Heng Pov's statement.

Mr. Heng Pov is reportedly abroad and is being wanted by Cambodian authorities and Interpol on criminal charges suspect.

Cambodian officials deny those charges, saying Mr. Heng Pov should press charges before fleeing, since he could file this report to many organizations and Embassies, and if he is clean.

He can then contest the law, says National Police Commissioner Hok Lundy whom Mr. Heng Pov also implicated.

The nine-page report believed to be written by Mr. Heng Pov stated in great details and to the point many murders and drug involvement connected to Prime Minister Hun Sen, and National Police Commissioner Hok Lundy.

Those crimes include hiring bodyguards to conduct grenade attacks in front of National Assembly building on March 30, 1997, resulted in 16 people dead and more than 100 people wounded, in a demonstration led by opposition party leader Sam Rainsy.

The report also says that actress Pisith Pelika was murdered in the same fashion, and that FUNCINPEC party's member Ho Sok, Ministry of Interior's general secretary was also killed the same way.

The report says that Mr. Heng Pov is innocent and was not involved in the government's charges.

In a special interview with VOA Tuesday, Mr. Hok Lundy says that he is aware of the nine-page report via e-mail two days ago, and that goal of the report is for a political asylum purpose.

Mr. Hok Lundy compares the country that accepts Mr. Heng Pov to the one that accepts a terrorist. He does not indicate which country will accept the fugitive, since he does not know Mr. Heng Pov's whereabout.