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Hok Lundy warns countries not to shelter fugitive police chief

Cambodia National Police Commissioner Hok Lundy warned Tuesday that any country that gives political asylum to Heng Pov, a former police chief of Phnom Penh who is wanted by Cambodian courts, is sheltering a ‘’terrorist.’’

Hok Lundy made the remarks in an exclusive telephone interview Tuesday with VOA Khmer, hours after VOA Khmer obtained a nine-page, English-language document purportedly prepared by Heng Pov and his associates which made public detailed allegations of serious crimes and drug trafficking against Prime Minister Hun Sen, Hok Lundy and other top officials. Hok Lundy said he was familiar with the document and that he had discussed its contents at a meeting with senior police officials.

In the interview with VOA Khmer, Gen. Hok Lundy denied the allegations of Heng Pov, characterizing his allegations and disclosures as a desperate attempt to gain political asylum in a foreign country