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Four Killed as Riot Police Fire on Demonstrators

Four Killed as Riot Police Fire on Demonstrators
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At least four people were killed and 23 injured Friday in a violent crackdown on demonstrating workers in a factory neighborhood of Phnom Penh. Thousands of workers have been demonstrating since Sunday, demanding higher wages to keep up with the cost of living in Cambodia. Hundreds of police fired live bullets into crowds of demonstrating workers, who threw stones at police in the Canadia Industrial Zone. Some protesters were beaten, or prodded with electric batons, in the second day of violent clashes between security forces and protesters. Roth Sreang, chief of National Police, said the shootings were justified, after police, were attacked by demonstrators. At least 10 people were arrested during the clashes. A US Embassy spokesman said US officials were in touch with representatives from all sides to urge “maximum restraint and respect for the rule of law.” VOA Khmer continues to monitor the situation, with three live on site reports planned in Friday’s Cambodia evening broadcast. (Khoun Theara, Phnom Penh)