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Workers Accuse Officials of Vehicular Assault

Ten workers were injured when a factory owner’s car hit a group of protestors at the order of a local commune chief, labor representatives said Thursday.

The workers of King Land factory in Phnom Penh have called on the government to intervene in the case, which reportedly injured 10 workers.

The unnamed driver moved the car into a crowd of workers demonstrating over annual bonuses and layoffs, representatives said.

Chak Angre Commune Chief Chea Sokhay ordered the driver to hit the workers, said In Kong Chet, an investigator for the Cambodian Center for Human Rights.

“We expect the commune chief’s presence to facilitate and seek an appropriate solution to avoid violence,” In Kong Chet said. “Not let the car hit the workers.”

Chea Sokhay denied ordering the car to hit the workers.

“Conflict resolution depends on the court and a referee, and I just tried to facilitate,” he said.

Keo Pisey, a laborer at the factory, said workers were not treated as humans.

“That is why they hit us like we are dogs,” she said.