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Six Union Representative Allegedly Assaulted in Garment Factories

President of Cambodia Confederation of Apparel Worker Democratic Unions (CCAWDU) Ath Thum say Tuesday that at least 6 union representatives in Kandal province have been assaulted by unknown assailants, sustaining head injuries, in the last two months.

Ath Thun told VOA the issue is a threat to the union leaders' spirit and a violation of the union representatives' rights.

"This is a serious violation of the workers' rights, and a serious violation of the constitution, and it is a right in the freedom of expression of the people too. It is a very serious violation, and this leads to concerns that are not acceptable."

In a November report, CCAWDU says that its two representatives were assaulted with axes, and 4 others arrested and beaten.

No one has been arrested for the alleged crimes according to CCAWDU.

ADHOC human rights investigator Chan Saveth says that the issue of violating labor union representatives' rights will continue if the police can not arrest the offenders.

"This is the reason why human rights violation is a serious problem in Cambodia. There's no arrest of the perpetrators."

Kandal police commissioner Tom Rai says he has never received any information about the alledged crimes and questions the allegations.