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BayonBayou w/Mani Podcast

BayonBayou w/Mani is VOA Khmer’s first podcast in English and its objective is to give voice to the Cambodian American experience. The podcast provides an open, conversational space for connecting, sharing experiences, and exploring new perspectives and possibilities to expand our understanding of ourselves, our communities, and where we fit in.

Season 1: Anti-Asian Hate, Being Cambodian and COVID-19

Seven Khmer Americans share their immigration and refugee pasts, racism stories,
as well as their roles and contributions to the United States of America.

Episode 1

A Writer's Take on Being Khmer in America

Sokunthary Svay
Literary artist and adjunct English professor
Queens, New York

A conversation with writer Sokunthary Svay about what it means to be Khmer, her experience with microaggression living in New York City, unpacking the model minority myth, and creating a new narrative for the next Khmer generation.

Episode 1: A Writer’s Take on Being Khmer in America
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Episode 2

Peacemaker from Genocide Survivor

Knight Sor
Conciliation specialist for U.S. Department of Justice
Seattle, Washington

A conversation with U.S. Department of Justice conciliator Knight Sor about hate crimes and hate groups, observing the effects of apartheid on Black South Africans, and reliving his experience in Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge concentration camp.

Episode 2: Peacemaker from Genocide Survivor
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Episode 1 Teaser

What does it mean to be Khmer in America? Are Cambodian Americans part of the US’ model minority myth?

Podcast Host
Mani (Manilene Ek) is a multimedia producer, journalist, and program host for the Voice of America. She’s an Asian American, refugee, 1.5 Khmer Generation, and daughter to a single mother who survived Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge genocide that killed more than 1.7 million people. Mani’s driven to tell America’s stories through the eyes of the Cambodian American diaspora.

Podcast Credits
Host, writer & producer: Manilene Ek
Editors: Elizabeth Hughes, Manilene Ek, Chetra Chap, Chris Decherd
Graphic, video & web producer: Chetra Chap

A VOA Khmer Podcast Series