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World’s Rich Get Their Own Facebook

A screenshot from the Netropolitan website, providing information about the service and how prospective members might join.

Facebook and other social media site are for everyone, no matter how rich or poor, but that may bother some people with deep pockets. The problem? There’s no exclusivity.

But now, for mere $6,000 initiation fee and a $3,000 annual membership, the world’s rich can mingle, detached from the rest of the on-line crowd.

Composer and former Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra’s conductor, James Touchi-Peters, launched this exclusive Internet-based club, called Netropolitan, this week. He calls it an on-line country club.

Its members must be older than 21, they have to use their real names and addresses, and have to disclose their background. While socializing on-line, they will not be bothered with advertisements and promotions, although some businesses would be allowed to advertise to each other.

The site is inaccessible by public search engines and is constantly monitored to discourage bad behavior.

No word yet of how many people have joined, and in its “frequently anticipated questions,” the Netropolitan site says "We will never publicly state the exact number of members in the club. And especially, we will NEVER release or verify the identity of any of our members - ever."