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With a Chance at an Oscar, ‘Inside Job’ Seeks Wide Reach

With the documentary “Inside Job” now nominated for Oscar contention, its US-Cambodian collaborator says she hopes more people will watch the film.

“Inside Job” is an investigation into the 2008 global financial crisis and of the people in power responsible. Already well received, the film will now compete against four other finalists for an Academy Award on Feb. 27.

“Once people see this film, they can be informed about the issue,” associate producer and photography director Kalyanee Mam told VOA Khmer recently. “It will help shape our thinking about the issue and try to find a way to avoid the recurrence of the crisis.”

The film has broad appeal, she said. “This economic crisis affected us all, not just those in the US, France or Germany.”

Such films are a “critical tool” to help people understand society and “have a say about it,” she said. “When we make a movie, we don’t first think about getting an award.”