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Village Rep to EU to Discuss Sugar Company Abuses

Villagers in the provinces of Koh Kong and Kampong Speu have alleged that sugar plantations operated by Ly Yong Phat have pushed them off their land.

A small delegation of Cambodians will travel to Europe this month to explain to EU officials alleged rights and land abuses committed by the sugar plantation of powerful ruling party senator.

You Thou, a representative for villagers who say they have been forced from their land by the company in Kampong Speu province, will meet with representatives to highlight their concerns.

Cambodia has a special trade deal with the EU under the “everything but arms” scheme, but local media reported that the Phnom Penh Sugar Company, owned by Senator Ly Yong Phat, has benefited from the deal while allegedly driving people from their homes.

The EU's local representative said in September his office was looking into the reports.