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Two More Opposition Members Face ‘Insurrection’ Charges

터키에서 소형보트를 타고 에게해를 건너 온 난민들이 그리스 레스보스 섬에 도착해 자원봉사자들의 도움을 받고 있다.
터키에서 소형보트를 타고 에게해를 건너 온 난민들이 그리스 레스보스 섬에 도착해 자원봉사자들의 도움을 받고 있다.

<p>Two more opposition members were arrested Thursday over a demonstration that turned violent in Phnom Penh this week.</p> <p>Cambodia National Rescue Party members Long Ry and Nuth Rudoul were charged with insurrection and incitement of violence and are being held by municipal authorities.</p> <p>That brings the total number of Rescue Party members in the case to eight, including senior leader Mu Sochua, who holds a US passport.</p> <p>Opposition supporters turned on city security guards on Tuesday morning, after they were barred from entering Freedom Park, which has been closed to protesters since a January ban on public assembly.</p> <p>Arrests of Rescue Party leaders swiftly followed, on charges that could total up to 30 years in prison.</p> <p>In a statement, Human Rights Watch condemned Tuesday&rsquo;s violence and called for the release of the opposition members and dismissal of &ldquo;trumped-up charges.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;Opposition supporters, no matter how frustrated they were with having their rally broken up, have no excuse for severely beating security forces,&rdquo; Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said. &ldquo;Yet that&rsquo;s no basis for the authorities to charge CNRP politicians with inciting violence, much less absurd counts like &lsquo;insurrection.&rsquo; This is just another pretext for threatening opposition leaders with prison.&rdquo;</p>