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Teachers Demand Corruption Investigation at Phnom Penh High School

A girl sits in a history class at the local high school in, Cambodia.
PHNOM PENH - Teachers at a Phnom Penh high school went on strike Tuesday to demand a corruption investigation of the school’s administrator.

The teacher’s claim that Tea Misa, director of Tuol Prasat Sen Sok High School, embezzled around $1 million between 2005 and 2012, a claim Tea Misa denies.

Education Ministry officials say they are looking into the claim, but Tea Misa told VOA Khmer the figure was laughable.

“Just ask my teachers around me,” Tea Misa said. “They were laughing to hear of so much money. I don’t know how I would embezzle more than $1 million.”

However, Prach Kam San, a teacher at the high school, told VOA Khmer he and others are on strike, demanding an investigation.

“We demand the Education Ministry dismiss the school director and bring her to justice,” he said.

Chea Cheat, director of Phnom Penh’s education department, under the Ministry of Education, said he had set up a joint committee to look into the allegations. He declined further comment until the committee completes its investigation.