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Remains of Hun Sen’s Father Interred at Phnom Penh Pagoda

Thaksin shakes hand with Prime Minister Hun Sen when he attended the funeral ceremony of Hun Sen’s father.
PHNOM PENH - The remains of the father of Prime Minister Hun Sen were interred at the Vongkot Borei pagoda in Phnom Penh on Wednesday, five days after his passing.

Hun Neang died July 12, following a battle with a chronic disease.

His remains were interred in the same pagoda complex where his wife, Dy Pok, was put to rest two years ago. Residents here say Hun Neang came to pay his respects here once or twice a year.

“When he came, he distributed gifts and money,” said 77-year-old Meak Pach, who serves the pagoda.

Hun Neang’s stupa is the tallest in the pagoda and stands before a large pond. It will be cared for by monks and pagoda adherents, she said.

“We all will have to clean the stupa every day,” she said. “The head of the monks has arranged it.”

Government spokesman Phay Siphan called Hun Neang a “good father” who educated and advised his children, including Hun Sen.

“It was not only a quality for the family, but his son became a hero for the Khmer people,” Phay Siphan said.