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Nuon Chea Refuses To Look at Copies of Evidence

In this photo released by the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, Nuon Chea, center, who was Pol Pot's No. 2 and the group's chief ideologist, sits during the second trial of the top leaders of Khmer Rouge in the court hall of the U.N.-backe

In a trial of three Khmer Rouge leaders Tuesday, “Brother No. 2” Nuon Chea refused to acknowledge copies of a magazine presented as evidence by the prosecution, pounding the banister in which he was sitting and demanding “the original copies.”

His courtroom actions highlight the low level of cooperation all three defendants have given the court as it moves forward in a landmark case that is only the court’s second and could be its last.

“I can’t accept these copied documents,” said Nuon Chea, who is 85, when presented copies of Revolutionary Magazine, which had been produced to support the overthrown of the Lon Nol regime.

Nuon Chea is facing atrocity crimes charges, including genocide, alongside former head of state Khieu Samphan and former foreign minster Ieng Sary.

Lao Monghay called Nuon Chea’s courtroom behavior “a strategy of the accused to prolong and to trouble” the prosecution.

Nuon Chea’s portion of the hearing lasted just a half a day Tuesday. Ieng Sary has said he will not address the court.

Two civil party representatives, former Khmer Rouge cadre Roman Yun and Klan Fit, testified against Nuon Chea and Ieng Sary, though they knew less about the revolutionary activities of Khieu Samphan.