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More Youth Involvement Needed To Settle Land Disputes, Groups Say

Cambodian students wave their national flags during a ceremony to celebrate the country's 60th Independence Day.
PHNOM PENH - Local NGOs on Friday urged more participation in land dispute resolution by the nation’s youth.

Youth participation can mean better laws, better application of those laws and greater respect for citizens, “especially for farmers and the poor,” said Chhit Sam Ath, executive director of the NGO Forum.

The rights group Adhoc estimates than some 700,000 people have been affected by land disputes since 1990. In Phnom Penh, more than 146,000 people have been evicted in that time, according to Adhoc.

“The youth’s participation is very important, to ensure lawmaking, application of law, respect and protection of land rights,” Chhit Sam Ath said.