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Lottery Fever Grips Eastern States

Lottery Fever Grips Eastern States
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The multistate Powerball jackpot in the US is now worth $500 million, bringing out many people to buy tickets in hopes of winning.

Sok Veasna Kosal, who owns Angkor Minimart in Woodbridge, Virginia, told VOA Khmer that he expects the lottery line in his store to grow very long on Wednesday, the day of the jackpot drawing.

“Last week many people came to buy the tickets, but since no one won, more people will come out on Wednesday,” he said.

The jackpot is the third largest in Powerball history and the fifth largest in the history of all lotteries. The potential to win that much money had a lot of people thinking about what they might do with it, as they purchased tickets for Wednesday’s drawing.

“I’m holding the winning ticket right here,” a man who gave his first name, Ron, said. “If I win, I will donate some of my money. The rest, I don’t know. We’ll do something with it.”