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Life Sentence for Duch a Demonstration of Justice: Researcher

Kimsroy Sokvisal is a researcher for the Documentation Center of Cambodia.

The life sentence for Khmer Rouge torture chief Duch is a “good example” to society, a researcher said this week.

“It demonstrates that though 30 years have passed, those who committed such crimes cannot escape justice,” Kimsroy Sokvisal, a researcher for the Documentation Center of Cambodia, told “Hello VOA” on Monday.

“This promotes the rule of law in our country.”

Duch, whose real name is Kaing Kek Iev, was handed a lifelong prison sentence from the UN-backed court this week. The sentencing pleased many victims of the regime.

However, some victims say the court did not address their need for reparations well enough.

“We are compiling documents on civil party representatives in Case 001 who have filed through the Documentation Center of Cambodia,” he said.

So far, 37 people have filed complaints through the center.

“We will include their impressions on why they chose to file complaints and what justice means for them now,” he said.