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Key Points of Obama's News Conference in China

APTOPIX China G20 Obama
APTOPIX China G20 Obama

Key Points of Obama's News Conference in China

Some of his key comments:

- G-20 nations have to work more together to keep the global economy growing.

- If and when he meets with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Obama will bring up the issue of needing to approach fight against drug trafficking in a way that is "consistent with basic international norms."

- Despite "productive" U.S.-Russia talks on a humanitarian cease-fire there is a "gap in trust," but both Obama and Putin told their top diplomats to keep working toward a deal in the coming days.

- Until the Minsk agreement involving Russia and Ukraine is implemented, the U.S. will not lift sanctions it imposed on Russia because of its actions in Ukraine.

- Putin and Obama discussed cybersecurity, but not specific active investigations into intrusions, and the goal for countries should not be to rush into an era of escalation in cyber attacks like the arms races that happened in other areas.

- Before his visit to Laos, Obama said a lot can be done on "legacy issues" including unexploded ordnance that still remains in that country.

- The U.S. has never had an uncontroversial path to a trade deal, but he plans to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership passed and believes it would be better for individuals and businesses than what exists now

- San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick exercised his constitutional right to make a statement just like a long legacy of athletes, and while his method makes it tough for some people to hear his concerns, the player has generated conversation around those topics.