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Justice ‘Beyond Reach’ of the Poor, Analyst Says

Former Nazi concentration camp survivor Petro Fedorowitsch Mischuk of Ukraine holds his uniform cap during the commemoration ceremonies for the 72th anniversary of the liberation of former Nazi concentration camp Mittelbau-Dora near Nordhausen, central Germany.

While Cambodia has undergone some political reform at the national level over the last year, a political analyst says a lot more needs to be done at lower levels of governance.

The daily practices of sub-national offices, and especially the courts, do little to dispel concerns of the people over bribery and corruption, Ok Serei Sopheak, an independent governance analyst, told “Hello VOA” Monday.

Justice for the poor remains “beyond their reach,” he said.

The World Justice Project ranks Cambodia 99th out of 102 countries on its rule of law and says it has one of the worst judicial corruption problems in the world.

“People still suffer under this system,” Ok Serei Sopheak said.

For the rule of law to improve, he said, citizens need to work together, speak out against negative practices and use social media to air their grievances.