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In Ceremony, Royal Oxen Predict Good Year for Beans, Corn

A Cambodian Prince Norodom Chakravuth, third from right, holds plow handles as he takes part in an annual royal plowing ceremony in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Wednesday, May 9, 2012. The ceremony was held to mark the start of rice-farming season.

Cambodia held its annual Plow Ceremony on Wednesday, with royal oxen predicting a good year for beans and corn.

The oxen were presented with wine, water, grass, rice, corn, bean and sesame. They chose to eat only grass, corn and beans this year.

“There will be a good harvest for beans and corn” said Kang Ken, a religious adviser for the Royal Palace. The chose of grass meant four-footed animals could face more disease this year than normal, he added.

“I’m worried that the oxen did not eat rice, because I only work in the rice fields,” said Preng Reab, 78, who had come from the eastern province of Prey Veng for the ceremony, which marks the beginning of the traditional agricultural season.