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Four Doctors Detained, Questioned for Illegally Operating Clinics

A U.S sailor gives a medical treatment to a Cambodian boy at a Buddhist pagoda, outside of Sihanoukville city, file photo.

Authorities in Battambang province are questioning four Chinese and Cambodian doctors who operated three separate medical clinics for years without a license.

All three clinics were closed in a crackdown on Tuesday.

Chet Vanny, Battambang’s deputy police chief, said the four are being held and questioned, and officials say they are looking into how they operated their clinics for up to 10 years without official permission.

The Cambodian doctors in question are Keo Sovann Sokyan, 63, and Vanthar Sieng Heng, 32. They ran a clinic called The Branch Association of Kind Cambodian Doctors.

The Chinese doctors are Ma Phy, 48, who ran a clinic called China-Korea 24 Hour, and Quo Liuana, 52, who ran the Khmer-China Friendship Clinic.

Battambang province was the site of a major HIV outbreak earlier this year, due to the reuse of infected needles by an unlicensed doctor—leading to sweeping crackdowns on similarly unlicensed clinics.