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Disgruntled Lake Families Plea for Donor Help

Representatives of these families say that local authorities are not carrying out the duty assigned to them by a city, following an order from Prime Minsiter Hun Sen in August requiring land on the development site be set aside for them.

A small group of residents at the Boeung Kak lake development in Phnom Penh submitted a petition to major donor embassies on Wednesday, pleading for further intervention in their ongoing dispute with a developer.

Thirty-four families from two villages in the lakeside area say they have not received land titles as expected under a deal ordered last month by Prime Minister Hun Sen with the developer Shukaku, Inc.

The families said they sent a their petition to the embassies of Australia, the EU, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US, in hopes of getting plots on 12 hectares of the 133-hectare development.

More than 20 families have said they have not received titles, even though the ruling-party senator who heads the development company has received land.

Tep Vanny, a representative of the residents, said the petition was aimed at drawing international intervention into the 34 cases.

Of the seven embassies, the US and French missions confirmed receipt of the petition.