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Cambodian Embassy in US Collecting for Flood Relief

Hem Heng (left) Cambodian Ambassador to the US and Kurt Cambell Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

The Cambodian Embassy in Washington is helping to raise funds for floods victims in Cambodia, following weeks of inundation that has left thousands of families stranded.

At a gathering in Washington Sunday, the embassy collected around $6,500 from some 200 Cambodian-Americans, the ambassador, Hem Heng, told VOA Khmer.

At least 250 people have died in the floods, which began in August and continued through September. The floods hit 17 provinces, covering some 400,000 hectares of rice fields and causing many to be evacuated to higher ground.

“They face a lot of shortages, and, most importantly, infectious diseases are worrisome,” Hem Heng said. “In the immediate future, they will need food, shelter and healthcare.”

The embassy will continue to take donations, he said. “I would like to appeal to all Cambodian-Americans to contribute as much as you can to help the victims of these severe floods, which have never happened before in our history.”