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Cambodia Supports US Efforts Against ISIS ‘in Political Spirit’

Demonstrators call for the end to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorism during a Kurdish demonstration in front of the White House, file photo.

Cambodian authorities say they are willing to join the US counter-terrorism campaign against Islamic State extremists in spirit, following appeals from President Barrack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

“We do not have the capability to join the fight directly in Iraq, but we support it morally, in political spirit, to eradicate terrorists,” Prime Minister Hun Sen said in a public speech Thursday.

The US has begun intensified efforts to fight the extremist group in parts of Iraq and Syria, following advances by the extremists in those nations in past months and the beheadings of Western journalists in recent weeks.

“We maintain our position to participate in fighting terrorism,” Hun Sen said Thursday. “We do not favor or apologize for terrorism.”

Cambodian security officials say there is no immediate threat from the group to the immediate region, but they are watching closely for a resurgence of Islamic extremism.