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Author Recognized for Work on Post-Traumatic Stress Issues

“Out of the Dark: Into the Garden of Hope” by Sam Keo, a Cambodian psychologist.

Keo Sam, the Cambodian author of a novel addressing the trauma of war and violence, has received congressional recognition for his work.

Democratic Representative Laura Richardson sent him a letter thanking him for his “tireless advocacy” and many years of volunteer service and congratulated him on his book, “Out of the Dark into the Garden of Hope.”

The book is based on his life as a refugee in America and deals with the post-traumatic stress that plagues many Cambodian survivors of the war.

“They should not be afraid to speak out about their stories,” Keo Sam said. “The more they speak and write, the more they help themselves and society as others understand our sufferings and struggles in coming to the US.”

Keo Sam is now an honored clinical psychologist working for the county of Los Angeles. He succeeded, and others can, he said.

“We have to work to let others know about our sufferings and difficulties, and how we turn these into our successes,” he said.