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Anti-Corruption Unit Considers 90 Tax Complaints

Om Yentieng, the director of the Anti-Corrupiton Unit.
Om Yentieng, the director of the Anti-Corrupiton Unit.

The Anti-Corrupiton Unit is preparing to examine some 90 complaints of graft by tax officials from the Ministry of Finance.

Ninety complaints from 2,700 people across 14 provinces were filed with the unit last month, after a watchdog group claimed people were paying too much for annual vehicle tags.

Om Yentieng, the director of the ACU, told a roundtable of media representatives on Tuesday the unit had prepared all of the complaints for formal processing.

“The tax agents overcharged for the annual vehicle tax with invoices and without,” he said. “We are putting the complaints on the table to prepare a procedural process.”

Om John, deputy chief of the Ministry of Economy and Finance's tax department, said the department too is studying the complaints for possible investigation.

San Chey, a project coordinator for the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability In East Asia and the Pacific, which helped collect and file the complaints, welcomed the news.

“This unit is not ignoring the complaints from people” he said. “I strongly encourage the Anti-Corruption Unit in helping an additional investigation and taking action to eliminate corruption in the collection of annual vehicle taxes.”

San Chey said he had not included the names of tax officials in the complaints but would provide them if requested.