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Copy of Tuol Prich Revisited

Tuol Prich village, Korng Pisei town, Kampong Speu province is a small village with 62 families, and is a remote area with mountain chains bordering it to the West.

The small village has returned to normalcy after the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries expressed their confidence in their efforts to curb H5N1 bird flu risk.

Doctor Sam Leakhena is the chief of the health working group in Kampong Speu province. He was the first one to do a sight visit in a group of healthcare workers.

The Ministry of Health officials keep two health volunteers in the village to file reports to the health center twice daily in case there are changes in the village. The volunteers then report to the town health officials, and to provincial health officials.

The doctor says that now there is no need to do a special bird flu monitoring, but only a normal procedure like other villages, because his department can now control the situation. He also says there is no new case.

Doctor Sam Leakkhena says that the villagers receive special education through loud speakers, house to house conversations, village chiefs' talks.