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UNHCR to Search for More Vietnamese Montagnards in Cambodia - 2004-08-09

Cambodian government officials say Cambodia has given the UNHCR permission to go search for more Vietnamese montagnards in the Northeastern part of Cambodia on Wednesday.

Long Visalo, the secretary of state of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told reporters that UNHCR has requested the permission to search for more Montagnards who are believed to be still hiding along the Cambodian-Vietnamese borders and that the Cambodian government has agreed to the request.

UNHCR welcomes the Cambodian government's decision.

Mr. Long denied a claim that the government forbids journalists from interview the montagnards in the Cambodian jungle.

He said they are free to go anywhere but warned that only UNHCR has the authority to transport the montagnards.

Last months, three journalists were arrested on human trafficking charges. They were later released after an investigation.