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Cambodian Authorities Released Four Persons They Arrested Sunday - 2004-07-28

Cambodian authorities decided on Tuesday to release four persons whom they arrested on Sunday on charges of human trafficking, after their investigation revealed that the four did not commit any crime, according to a spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior.

The four persons include Sok Rathavisal of RFA, Pen Bunna of ADHOC, Kevin Doyle of Cambodia Daily and a local guide, along with 17 Montagnards.

Pen Bunna told VOA via telephone that the authorities required all four of them to sign documents and take finger prints before being set free.

He also said the 17 Montagnards were handed over to the UNHCR office in Ratanakiri province.

A Coalition of 17 Human Rights Organizations issued a statement welcoming the release of the four, but expressed concern over the arrest law and the international treaty on refugees to which Cambodia is a signatory