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FUNCINPEC Wants 50-50 Power-Sharing in New Coalition Government - 2004-06-11

The FUNCINPEC Party today handed over the second part of its power-sharing proposal based on a 50-50 formula to the Cambodian People's Party (CPP).

FUNCINPEC wants to divide the number of cabinets equally, 13 for CPP and 13 for FUNCINPEC, and wants control over two important ministries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance.

For the other two important ministries, Ministry of Defense and Interior (Police), the FUNCINPEC Party also wants the power-sharing to be divided with transparency.

The CPP spokesman, Mr. Kanharith, said it is ironic that a party that in the past declared it is not interested in power, all of a sudden wants to rob the power from the party that won the elections.