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CPP and FUNCINPEC Disagree on Power Sharing - 2004-06-07

The Cambodian People's Party (CPP) and FUNCINPEC Party officials say the two parties have different opinions on power sharing.

A FUNCINPEC official who asks not to be identified said FUNCINPEC wants to have co-ministers in the ministry of the interior, defense, and the council of minister and want to have a 50/50 power sharing in the new coalition government.

CPP spokesman Khieu Kanharith told VOA that CPP does not want to have co-ministers any longer but will give FUNCINPEC the position of first secretary of state in those ministries.

Mr. Kanharith said since CPP is the winner in the election, it can not accept the 50/50 power sharing formula. He said CPP has to be in charge of the important ministries such as the ministry of the interior, defense, foreign affairs, and finance etc.