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Saddam Welcomes Inspectors; Bush Claims Solid Evidence; United Airlines Faces Bankruptcy - 2002-12-06

Thursday, the New York Times reported that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urged the Iraqi people to welcome the United Nations arms inspectors to disprove claims that it retained chemical and biological weapons.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that the White House stated it possessed solid evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. It rejected Baghdad's denials, saying they have no credibility.

New York Newsday reported that Deputy US Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told reporters this week that many of the NATO allies said they would support a military strike against Iraq if Baghdad resisted United Nations resolutions.

The Boston Globe reported that trading in United Airlines' stock was halted Thursday after it plunged 59 percent, a day after the world's second-largest carrier lost its government loan backing it said was needed to keep it out of bankruptcy.