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Weapons Inspections Begin in Iraq; Bush Orders Smallpox Vaccinations; Crime Surge Against Muslims in U.S. - 2002-11-29

Arms Inspections Resume in Iraq The New York Times reported that the international arms monitors began their weapons inspections in Iraq this Wednesday after a four-year break.

The United States warned that it will disarm Iraq by force if the inspections fail, with or without international help.

Bush Okays Smallpox Vaccine
USA Today reported President Bush is expected to order smallpox vaccinations for 500,000 US military personnel and 510,000 medical workers as a precaution against a biological attack by Iraq or other terrorists.

USA Today also stated that President Bush will most likely wait until next year before deciding whether the threat of a smallpox attack is serious enough to make the vaccine available immediately to all Americans according to government officials.

Increase in Ethnicity-targeted Crimes
The Associated Press reported that the FBI said crimes against Muslims and people who appear to be of Middle East ethnicity surged in 2001.

The FBI found that incidents targeting people, institutions and businesses identified with the Islamic faith increased from 28 to 481 in 2001.