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Women Extolled as Resources of the Nation


A women’s rights advocate has called for a change of attitude towards women and make full use of their potential for the country’s development.

Pok Nanda, executive director for Women for Prosperity, said on Thursday it is time to give women a chance and to change social attitudes that say “women cannot be in the limelight or hold a leadership position”.

“This view should be changed and please see women as useful resources for our nation and as competent as men,” she said as a guest on “Hello VOA,” marking International Women’s Day.

Cambodian women and youth still face deteriorating social morality, violence and a lack of access to education, Pok Nanda said.

“Please stop treating women as a commodity or as an entertainment tool,” Pok Nanda said. “The authorities should enforce the law to protect the rights of both men and women.”

She noted that improvements were made in bringing women into local government, with the percentage of women representatives climbing from 8.5 percent in 2002 to 15 percent in 2007.