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Long Beach, Home to Many Cambodian-Americans


Long Beach, California is believed to be home to some fifty thousand Cambodian-Americans. Located about 32 km from Los Angeles, it is the largest Cambodian town outside of Cambodia.

The town has many Cambodian owned businesses concentrated along Anaheim Street. There are pharmacies, dentists, gift shops, music and movie stores, automobile repair shops, restaurants and supermarkets.

In the early eighties, when Cambodian refugees resettled in the United States after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime, many were attracted to Long Beach, California partly because of the hot weather. In the summer it's hot like in Cambodia. In the winter, it's cool but not
freezing cold like some other parts of the United States.

VOA Khmer's Reasey Poch spent a few days in Long Beach as part of his vacation this past summer. He takes a look at the town that is so well-known to many Cambodian-Americans.