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Government Files Suit Against NGO Chief

The government has submitted a complaint of disinformation against the head of an NGO who has been critical of the authority that runs Angkor Wat.

The criminal suit against Moeung Sonn, head of the Foundation for the Support of Khmer Civilization, follows his critical statements against Apsara Authority.

Moeung Sonn recently held a press conference critical of an Apsara Authority project to light up Angkor Wat’s temples at night.

“The Apsara Authority and Unesco have told the public already that the light on th temples will not affect the temples, but Moeung Sonn is trying to make trouble against it,” government lawyer Phal Chandara said. “So that is why the government decided to sue him.”

Informed about the suit, Moeung Sonn said he was not worried.

“What I said about the lighting on Angkor Wat temple was because I am worried about the temple,” he said. “I didn’t mean to incite people.”

A love of Cambodian culture compelled him to protect the temples, he said.

The Apsara authority and Unesco have said the night lighting at the famed ancient temples will not hurt the structures. A joint Cambodian-Korean venture has been casting light on the temple since April.