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Tribunal Corruption Still a ‘Concern’: US Envoy

US Ambassador-At-Large for War Crimes Issues Clint Williamson on Friday urged the Khmer Rouge tribunal to address nagging corruption allegations, following discussions with the donors and UN and government officials.

Williamson told reporters that corruption “remained a concern” for the US, but that progress was being made on the issue.

The UN-backed tribunal, known officially as the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, has struggled under allegations of corruption, even as it tries its first suspect, prison chief Duch.

“Along with other donors to the ECCC we are working hard to ensure that the court improves its management and addresses the issue of corruption,” Williamson said Friday. “The US decision to fund the court last year reflects our commitment to ensure the tribunal is capable of meeting international standards of justice and to work with Cambodians to strengthen the structure of the rule of law in thecountry.”

A tribunal spokesman said both the UN and national sides of the hybrid court were working to improve the handling of corruption allegations and other complaints.