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No Leads in Robbery Involving UK Princess: Police

Phnom Penh police say they have no information on the reported robbery of the friend of a British royal in the capital two weeks ago.

British media have reported in recent days the robbery of a friend of Princess Eugenie, the 19-year-old granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, around two weeks ago.

The princess, who is sixth in line to the throne, was walking in Phnom Penh at night with a friend who had her purse snatched by a small “gang,” the Times of London reported Tuesday.

Bodyguards of the princess grappled with at least one mugger before they were pelted with rocks by an accomplice and were forced to release the suspect to concentrate on the safety of the princess, the Times reported.

“We made a serious investigation of the robbery case of the British princess in Phnom Penh, but up to now we have not had any results,” Phnom Penh Deputy Police Chief He Pru told VOA Khmer, following day of inquiry.

Pol Vithey, who is also a deputy police chief for the municipality, said the princess likely had not reported the incident, leaving police with little information. “If we had met the victim, we would know the information to investigate.”

A British Embassy official declined to comment on the reported robbery.

The Ministry of Interior claims the number of confirmed crimes in Cambodia has fallen in recent years.