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Check for Cholesterol Regularly: Doctor

Even though it can be dangerous for your health, high cholesterol has no symptoms, making regular check-ups essential, a doctor said Thursday.

“It is very important to get your cholesterol checked on a regular basis to prevent heart disease,” said Dr. Taing Tek Hong, as a guest on “Hello VOA.” “For example, when blood-flow to brain is blocked, a stroke occurs. When plaque completely blocks a coronary, a heart attack takes place.”

To determine whether your cholesterol is high, see a doctor and have cholesterol and triglyceride tests. HDL, or good cholesterol, levels should be more than 50; LDL, or bad cholesterol, should be under 130; and triglycerides should be less than 150.

Taing Tek Hong recommended eating the proper foods, including whole grain, lean meats, eggs with limited egg yolks, fish, beans, skim milk, and cooking oils from sunflower, corn, soybean, cottonseed, sesame, olive and peanut.

Avoid fatty foods, he said, such as bacon, spare ribs, organ meats, caviar, anchovies, cream cheese, milkshakes, coconut milk, butter and food with hydrogenated oils.