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No Case Left Behind, Senior Policeman Says

National police have begun investigating documents related to the killings of film stars, politicians and others, as part of an effort to strengthen national security, a senior official said Monday.

“We do not leave any case behind, that is the order of Gen. Neth Savoeun, the chief commissioner of national police,” Maj. Gen. Mok Chito, chief of the serious crimes department at the Ministry of Interior, said, as a guest on “Hello VOA.”

Neth Savoeun became chief of national police after the death of general Hok Lundy, in a helicopter crash, in October 2008.

Addressing concerns about the impunity in some killings, as well as attacks on film stars, singers and monks, Mok Chito said the police needed time to solve the cases. He also acknowledged the problem of hold-ups on gold sellers.

About 2,880 crimes were reported in 2008, a drop of 22 percent from the year before, he said, adding that Prime Minister Hun Sen had been clear in ordering integrity within the police and the punishment of law enforcement officials who commit wrongdoings.

“We will continue our effort to address crime,” he said.