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FBI Helping Investigate Bomb Plot

The FBI has joined an investigation into a failed bomb plot on government buildings in January, US and Cambodian officials said Wednesday.

Six suspects in the plot, which was uncovered Jan. 2, when three explosive devices were found near two government buildings.

“The FBI have participated in the case because there are some dual citizens involved in the group, called the ‘Tiger Head Movement,’ who are responsible for planting the grenades,” a top police general told VOA Khmer. One of the group’s leaders, a suspect named Som Ek, confessed while in detention, the official said.

US Embassy spokesman John Johnson confirmed FBI cooperation in the case, saying they had joined at the request of the Cambodian government.

Neither side would give details of the investigation, but a Cambodian general said briefly the FBI had provided satisfactory results.

Cambodian officials say the Tiger Head Movement is a smaller group than the Cambodian Freedom Fighters, which are blamed for a night of gunfire in an alleged coup attempt in November 2000.