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Postpone Asean Meeting: Prime Minister Hun Sen

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Thursday urged other Asean countries to postpone an upcoming meeting scheduled for Feb. 28 in Thailand, claiming political instability there was a security risk for leaders.

China has already canceled its meeting with Asean members that day, Hun Sen said, so there was no need for only the 10 neighbors to meet.

Thailand has been rocked by a series of demonstrations over the past six months that led to the dismantling of its government last month.

A meeting among Asean members, if it is held in Thailand, should be postponed until the end of 2009, when security for leaders in the region can be assured, Hun Sen said, following a meeting with British parliamentarian Ann Clwyd.

Hun Sen also said Thursday authorities were seeking to arrest more suspects in last week’s bombing plot in Phnom Penh, in which police found three unexploded TNT improvised explosive devices near government buildings.