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Who Were the Khmer Rouges?

PHOTO SLIDESHOW, courtesy of DC-Cam, click here.

Who were the Khmer Rouges? How did they come to power?

With five Khmer Rouge leaders awaiting trial for crimes committed by the regime and an increasing number of Cambodians unclear of their country's history, VOA Khmer, in collaboration with the Documentation Center of Cambodia, presents an AUDIO VERSION of "A History of Democratic Kampuchea, 1975-1979".

The 2007 book, written by the Documentation Center's Dy Khamboly, charts the regime's rise and fall, from guerrilla movement to ruling government of Cambodia to international pariah.

It outlines the regime's administrative divisions, its four-year plan, the daily life of its people, its security policies and its prisons—and maps the road to atrocity.