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Typing? Consider Khmer Unicode Font

The development of the Khmer Unicode font has many benefits for Cambodia, according to Be Chantra, a communications officer of the Open Institute, a local organization that designed the font and the operating system Open Office.

“First of all, the Khmer Unicode font allows users to type faster and follow the Cambodian grammar, for example, you type the way you spell the word,” Be Chantra said, as a guest on “Hello VOA.”

Cambodia has had difficulty in the past providing a font that operating systems can work with, or that is universal. With Khmer Unicode, the designers hope to make it easier.

Another benefit is that computer programmers can use Khmer Unicode to design a whole program or operation system in Khmer, Be Chantra said.

Lastly, people can search for news and information relating to Cambodia, in Khmer.

“The other cool thing is that people can also chat and email using the Khmer Unicode font on the line if both sides have the font,” he said.

The Khmer Unicode font is free for all. Those who live in Phnom Penh can go to the Open Institute office and get a free CD-Rom for installation. Overseas Khmer-speakers can download the font free of charge at