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Cambodian Wedding, American Twist

PHOTO SLIDESHOW, by Stephane Janin, click here.

Even Cambodians living outside their country can maintain their cultures and traditions. That much was evident through a recent wedding between a Cambodian woman and an American man.

Robert Hendricks, bedecked in traditional Cambodian groom clothes, said his bride's Cambodian family had welcomed him warmly.

His bride-to-be, Marianne Koch, said after eight years of dating, she was happy to be married. Her father, Kouy Marong, said he was happy to be preserving Cambodian culture, and her mother, Chanthary, hoped she would continue to do so.

"I feel very happy for my relationship with my husband," Koch said. "I feel very satisfied and happy with my husband, that he can participate with the Khmer community. I also feel very happy to observe my husband’s culture.”

Hendricks' mother, Ronie Lake, called the Cambodian wedding a part of a "valuable tradition."

"It is a good ceremony," she said, "from beginning to end."