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Reinvestigation Ordered in Relative's Killing

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court ordered investigating judges on Monday to re-examine a case in the death of one man at the hands of his brother and nephew that had originally been charged as manslaughter.

The court earlier this month held a hearing over Lim Heang, 52, and his son, Lim Hoknay, 31, in the killing of Lim Eng, 51, who was stabbed to death in a Phnom Penh home near Central Market on Feb. 22, 2008.

Both suspects were arrested three days later and charged with manslaughter.

In a brief statement Thursday, Municipal Judge Ke Sakhorn said the case would be reinvestigated and the suspects would remain in detention, but he did not elaborate.

Investigating Judge Din Sivuthy was not available for comment Thursday.

Lim Hoknay told the courts in the original hearing on Aug. 11 that the victim, who was unrecognizable, had entered the house with several knives and cut the housekeeper.

Lim Hoknay said a struggle ensued after the housekeeper was cut on the head and neck and shouted for help. Lim Heang found Lim Hoknay in a struggle with the victim, and all three men fought.

During the struggle, Lim Eng was stabbed and died, though neither suspect has admitted to doing the killing.

Lim Heang said during the Aug. 11 hearing that Lim Eng entered his home early in the morning, in a dark house, and he had not recognized his brother. The dark clothing, sunglasses and hat Lim Eng had been wearing made him look like a Vietnamese or Chinese robber, he said.

The housekeeper, Mork Sophy, corroborated the testimony of the defense.

Lawyers for the family of the victim argued that the death of Lim Eng, who had been visiting Cambodia from his home in Canada, was not an accident, but was murder.