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Unions to Hold Protest Over Temple Standoff

The Cambodian Confederation of Unions said Thursday it planned to hold a "peaceful" demonstration Saturday against the continued Thai military presence on the border.

As many as 300 garment workers would participate, in a gathering expected to begin in front of the former National Assembly building. The demonstrators will march to the Thai Embassy, said Rong Chhun, chairman of the Cambodian Independent Teachers Association.

Protesters will demand the Thais stop their "invasion" of Cambodia and withdraw troops from conflict areas, including Preah Vihear and Ta Moan temples, Rong Chhun said.

The protest comes as the Thai and Cambodian foreign ministers are set to meet Monday to solve the ongoing border standoff, which began July 15.

Rong Chhun said the demonstration would not affect the meeting, which will be the third round of bilateral talks over alleged Thai encroachment on Cambodian soil.

The Thais maintain their troops are deployed on Thai land, a position Cambodia disputes.

Rong Chhun appealed to the Cambodian government to appeal to the UN Security Council to resolve the dispute, expressing disappointment with bilateral negotiations so far.