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NEC Warns Media on Campaign Ethics

A National Election Committee official warned media groups on Wednesday to adhere to election regularities and a code of ethics as Election Day nears.

"The NEC has issued a statement and met representatives to discuss violations to the code of ethics, and if they still continue to do it, we would send a warning letter," said NEC Deputy Secretary-General Sokolac Tipor, as a guest on "Hello VOA."

"If they still do not obey, we will have some sort of other action," he said. "We will take action if there are complaints from the parties."

Pro-government media have attacked the opposition during the campaign, triggering complaints.

Media should know the code of ethics and operate in a climate of mutual respect, said National Democratic Institute senior program officer Ly Sothearayuth, also a guest on "Hello VOA."

"There should not be the use of bad words to attack other parties just in the interest of political gain," he said.