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10 Parties Discuss Issues at Forum

Adopting anti-corruption legislation, dealing with land conflicts and improving social welfare were discussed by 10 political parties at a forum hosted by a group of organizations Friday.

Representatives of all the national election's competing parties, excluding the ruling Cambodian People's Party, and around 100 voters attended the forum in Phnom Penh.

Representatives of each party promised voters to follow-up on the promises they made for each of the three issues.

Each party explained in six-minute blocks their plans for dealing with each topic.

"There are many things that the CPP has left until now, but the Norodom Ranariddh Party has three priorities," said NRP spokesman Muth Chantha. Those include passing a long-awaited anti-corruption law, resolving the growing problem of land conflicts and addressing rising prices, he said.

Human Rights Party representative Keat Sokhun said the party would adopt anti-corruption legislation, provide property licenses and take better control of the national budget.

Kravang Daron, president of the Khmer Anti-Poverty Party, promised to decrease poverty, adopt the anti-corruption law and provide free medical treatment for the poor.

Friday's was the third forum held with 10 political parties. The first dealt exclusively with anti-corruption legislation, which has been in a draft stage for a decade, and the second dealt with putting more women in politics.