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Still Too Few Women in Politics: Official

As campaigning moves toward July 27 elections, Cambodia still needs more women in politics, experts said Thursday.

"To have women elected, women must be brave, self confident, popular and supported by family," said Nhian Sochetra, head of the gender department at the Ministry of Women's Affairs. "Without such support, women can't be in politics," she said, as a guest on "Hello VOA."

The ministry has a program called Neary Rotanak to help promote women in politics, through training and advocacy, she said.

Seng Theary, the recent director of the Center for Social Development, said women still face discrimination in Cambodia.

Still, the numbers are improving. In 1993, 5 percent of National Assembly seats went to women, rising to 17 percent in 1998 and 25 percent in 2003.